• Sheila Harkins

Christmas Spoken Word Narration

Christmas Chapel 2015 Narration

We started with a drama sequence that pointed out the cheer of Christmas and the deeper issues behind the scenes.

1st Narration:

Jingle bells, twinkling lights,

Everything merry and bright,

Candy canes, boughs of holly

Tis the Season to be Jolly


Let’s look deeper, though, and part the curtain

We all know there is darkness, right there, lurkin’

Afflictions, contradictions, obligations, expectations

Addictions, frictions, lamentations, complications

Deep pain that won’t relent

Even though we try to hide it, it’s obvious—our discontent.

Sharp edges in our heart-relentless stabbing

Tormented thoughts that just keep jabbing

We do what we don’t want to do

Then we put on our smiling masks at school—

Who do we think we’re fooling?

Deep darkness keeps pulling

Meanwhile, with songs full of joy, hope and good cheer

Christianity claims that light came to earth when Baby Jesus appeared.

It seems far-fetched, not connected to our daily distress

Something abstract, how can He help when we’re depressed?

The old Christmas carols claim the Creator knows our need

Apparently, He sent the baby in the manger to break the chains free

Is it possible—a Light that can penetrate the gloom?

Did a Holy Night long ago make a way to escape the doom?

Dance: “O, Holy Night”

2nd Narration:

“A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices”

During this season we hear so many raising their voices

Singing of “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night”

Is there really significance to the star, the light?

We’re all looking for something to help in the here, the now,

We want light in our darkness, but we don’t know how

A tiny baby born so long ago could bring…

An answer to our disillusionment…

A calming presence in our chaotic world…

Peace to our pain-filled hearts…

Hope in our hopeless depression…

An embrace encompassing our loneliness…

Rescue from our sin-tormented thoughts

Healing to our wounded souls

Christianity claims this baby was the King of Kings

The Son of God. Hearts had been seeking, waiting

Longing. Hoping. Crying. Praying. Anticipating.

And, He came—A Savior to set people free

A Promise for those who believe.

Song: Hallelujah (Light Has Come)

3rd Narration:

The claims are outrageous—God wrapped in skin

Men gathered around a babe, worshipping him

A baby born with the claim God is his Father

The Maker of all subjecting his Son to humanity’s squalor

The reason? His desire to save us from sin

To give us new birth, make us clean within.

It’s unbelievable to us—the Savior’s plan

The Perfect, blameless baby who came to die for man

His wounds, his blood, his death brought healing

Life doesn’t have to be the same; there’s a new revealing

Of the way to see life, a hope in the darkest night

There are stories of hope, joy and light

Christmas--Emmanuel, God with us

We’re imperfect and flawed, but when we trust

God begins to rearrange our hearts, our souls

Beauty and abundance spring to fill in empty holes

Today you will be given a gift—just a glimpse into

Lives of people brave enough to share with you

They’re not perfect, but because they care

They’re willing to open up and share

How God’s presence in their stories has impacted them

With the hope that you will listen and also let God enter in.

“Cardboard” Testimonies

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