• Sheila Harkins

Congrats to the 2020 Graduates!

I wrote this for the last Student Ministries Event we had via zoom this year. This weekend, I was so grateful that our 2020 graduates were able to have their graduation. These young men and women are so special to me and I'm praying for them as they go out and discover more about themselves and about God and how to share His love with others. I will miss them, but I know they will be a blessing to others as they have been to me.

To our Twenty-Twenty seniors,

There’s so much I want to say,

I don’t like this disconnection-

It wasn’t supposed to end this way.

I wanted to hear the thoughts,

Of seniors at the mini-retreat.

I wanted to worship together again—

It would have been so sweet.

I wanted to plan Easter Chapel together-

And to see you lead your peers-

Dances, reflection, skits and songs

As you reminded them a Savior is here.

I missed all the seniors sleeping in Guided Studies

And hearing Korean spoken in my room,

I missed Lily and Sujee’s laughter—

It’s just not the same on zoom.

I missed hearing Chanyoung and Peam

Talking about their stress and their grades.

I missed “accidently” cutting Nate down,

Who knew I could be so good at throwing shade?

I wanted to hear Eunseo on the drums again,

And see Esther lead worship once more

I wanted one more outreach event with Sera,

But COVID closed all those doors.

I wanted at least one more time to see

Prin’s look when the girls teased him

I wanted to see Em come in and collapse

Needing a place to regroup again.

I wished I’d known it was the last time

To see Zec drop his books off by my door.

After having JiWon in Lifegroup four years-

I wish we had gotten at least one more.

One joy of this year was getting to know Aim,

With her superb TA skills.

But our work and fun ended much too soon-

No more joking around with Mr. Will.

I needed more time to reminisce with

Deborah, Hayoung, Jianna and Janae.

We shared our hearts and lives together,

I didn’t expect it to come to a halt in this way.

I wanted to have the normal closure things—

The “last” of this and “last” of that.

To have time to pray together.

To have time to just chill and chat.

It doesn’t feel fair and it doesn’t feel right,

That your senior year has been so tough

I’ve grieved and cried on your behalf-

Mourning for losses that have been rough.

And, as I’ve prayed, I’ve felt the Father’s heart for you,

I’m reminded that the Shepherd loves His sheep

So, press into His side and not away-

You will find a love so wide and deep.

He wants to walk this with you-

And, if you have the eyes to see.

You will discover treasures unknown

That can only be found in the deep.

So, I will trust that God loves you,

Even more than I do.

I’ll trust that He will bring about good plans

For each and every one of you.

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