• Sheila Harkins

I Know the Color of Your Eyes

I'm not usually a love-poem kind of writer, but last year I wrote this for a date I planned for my husband, Philip. As a frequent reader of romance, I know that a cliche sign of true love is knowing the color of the eyes of the one you love. So, I had a little fun basing this poem off of the color of his eyes. Since we dated for three years and have been married almost thirty, it's a good thing I've noticed his eye color! On a more serious note, I put this out there because I'm trying to grow in vulnerability and being willing to share myself with others. Philip and I don't have the kind of love story that is all roses and romance, but we do have the kind of story that has weathered many storms and where we recognize that it is by God's grace that we are still together. And, that makes us very thankful to God (and to each other for sticking around!)


A deep, dark brown...

The deep inhale of coffee beans,

Making a room a home.

The feel of a leather couch-

Exuding luxury and quality.

Biting into my favorite Cadbury’s—

Creamy and soothing to my soul.

Being carried away by the song

From the mahogany Baby Grand.

The sight of maple syrup

Temptation poured over French toast.

I know the color of your eyes,

A deep, dark brown—

Surrounded by laughter lines,

Almost disappearing when you smile.

Familiar to me after so many years.

I study them—wanting to understand,

Wanting to see into your heart.

Wanting to trust what I do see.

My eyes are drawn to yours-

The deep, dark brown eyes of the one I love.

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