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Twenty Twenty-Fun

Even though I have heard people say that they want this year to be twenty twenty-fun, so far there have been a lot of hard things this 2021. With political turmoil, terrible pollution here in Bangkok and back to online schooling because of a surge of covid cases, it hasn't felt like a lot of fun, yet.

However, I have had fun the last couple of days with making a chapel video and adding a few more paintings to redbubble. So, I thought I would take some time on my blog today to enjoy 2021 fun today!

I intended to keep my chapel video between 10--12 minutes so that it wouldn't be too long for students to stop and watch it. I was so surprised to discover that I talked for over twenty minutes!

It made me really laugh to think that I didn't check the time and that I talked so long. I do love my students and I guess I was just enjoying talking away to them! It makes me remember when I would study with my siblings around the kitchen table and they would have to set time limits on my talking so that they could get work done. I also remember my little sister asking me to stop talking at night so she could sleep, so I would tell her that I wasn't talking to her, but talking to objects in our room so that I had a reason to keep talking. I didn't realize I still had this problem! :)

I don't know if any teens will take 20 minutes to watch a video that doesn't have any fun presentations, so I thought I would put it here so that maybe a couple of my family and close friends would watch it, anyway! :)

Also, I now have eighty designs on redbubble.com. Each design has many products. Some of my favorite products that redbubble has are notebooks, journals, coasters, pillows, and stickers.

My brother recently asked me to design some masks for those who have been vaccinated to wear so that others will know they have had the covid vaccine. He is a doctor and thought it would ease the fears of his patients. I have three designs for masks and there are a couple of different styles of masks. If you think you would be interested, check out https://www.redbubble.com/people/SheilaPaige/shop?asc=u

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