I have a wonderful job! Though I keep getting older, my heart is kept young because I work with teens.

I love that teens seem to enjoy hanging out with me in my office (although the reason might be because of the air conditioning!)

They often say that Mrs. Sheila's office is the most comfortable place in our school. I'm glad I can provide an oasis in their busy lives!

I'm thankful that I get to spend time with Generation Z students every day. I'm glad I can listen to their stories and share  hope in the midst of their pain. I’m grateful to share a Creator's loving story of rescue to teens who find themselves in addictions, trauma and despair.

Even though many of the problems of today’s teens are completely new, the timeless story of the gospel is still relevant.

I hope this blog brings a little slice of my office to the internet world!


 Sheila Harkins

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