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Episode 240 - Sheila Paige, "Healing, One Brushstroke at a Time"

On this edition of the podcast, Michael welcomes Sheila Paige to the conversation. Not too long ago, Sheila experienced the tragedy of betrayal trauma and discovered the path to healing through painting. As a result, she found the faithfulness of a Creator who loves her in her pain.

393 | Sheila Paige Harkins | The Therapy of Art

Our Guest: Sheila Paige Harkins is a missionary kid, missionary, artist, and author. She shares her story of missions, marriage, adoption and how life happened in those events. She cautions about giving more energy to her husband's healing than he was giving. The damages of “trickle disclosure” and why it happens. Sheila took to the therapy of painting to heal, release, and understand her relationship with God.  She helps answer another Question from Albuquerque about women with porn addiction and is masturbation okay.

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PSR Episode 881
Healing, One Brushstroke at a Time

On today’s episode Sheila is here to talk about her own healing from betrayal trauma and divorce. She shares about the long journey of trying to restore a broken marriage and then the aftermath of divorce – and how painting was instrumental in her healing process.

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Healing One Brushstroke at a Time with Sheila Paige

We are so excited to have Author Sheila Page on this episode of Melody and Friends as she talks about her book, Healing One Brushstroke at a Time. Sheila shares her story of growing up as a missionary kid, living in Zimbabwe, Japan, and the United States before finally coming to live in Bangkok, Thailand. She then shares how she discovered her husband's addiction to sex and how she used an unlikely hobby that helped her recover, painting

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Ep 1 Meeting and Eating with God

On Shasha's first episode "Jesus Weeps with Me," Sheila shares about God's comfort in her story of betrayal, trauma, and divorce.

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