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Restoration Ministries

In 2023, Sheila felt God leading her to establish a ministry in Thailand for the purpose of addressing complicated topics such as sexual brokenness, addiction, betrayal trauma, shame, grief and mental health. Through Restoration Ministries, Sheila hopes to bring education and support to individuals, families and churches that may be navigating some of these complex issues. 

Having gone through her own painful journey that has included a son's suicide, betrayal trauma, and divorce, Sheila understands what is like when the life that you thought had ends up falling into a million pieces. She believes that God wants to take those shattered pieces and turn them into a masterpiece.

If you would like to help Sheila bring this message of hope to Thailand, please click on the "donate now" button below.

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Sheila helped me give words to the betrayal I had experienced in my abusive marriage and walked beside me as I processed that pain.

Teacher, Thailand

Sheila offered support for me as I walked through a very difficult time. I was in a marriage where I felt so isolated and alone, but Sheila's transparency gave me a safe place where I could share my own story.

A Thai Professional, Thailand

Sheila has taught me that it's okay to be me, whether I'm experiencing sadness, joy or something in between. As a fellow creative, I have gained comfort knowing that her heart hurts too while putting energy into creating. Knowing that Sheila "gets it" has been comforting as I heal.

From someone in Illinois who knows the pain of betrayal

Sheila saw my heart and deeply cared about the challenges I was going through. I always knew I could count on her, that she would listen and give me good advice. Her smile, her prayers, and her calm reassurance helped to cope with my situation. I thank God that I met Sheila in my life.

Teacher, Thailand

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