• Sheila Harkins

Another In The Fire

How fun to have my Mother, Shirley Randall, as a guest today!

We had a ton of technical glitches (since our strengths definitely don't reside in that arena!) but we persevered and I think we finally made some videos we could share! We had hoped to do it on Google Meet to record it, but we never both arrived there to hangout, so we had to get creative! My apologies that my storage kept being used up, so you will need to watch all three videos!

I hope these video posts and the song Another in the Fire are a blessing to you during this pandemic "fire" that has engulfed the world this year. I am so thankful that we are not alone in this. I love it that during the times when I am overwhelmed and my grief is so heavy, but I can look over and see Jesus right next to me. He has never left me nor forsaken me.

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