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Friday Favorites (Episode 1)

  1. Watching sunsets from my balcony!

I love the Bangkok sky over the city. It's especially beautiful during the rainy season. The clouds and colors are always different every evening, but always special!

I took this picture just a few nights ago!

2. Braids!

I was happy at the end of the school year in the spring when I started noticing girls braiding their hair. And, then this summer, I saw a picture of Beth Moore with braids.

"If Beth Moore can braid her hair, then I can, too!" I thought.

After all, I am younger than she is!

And, so I have.

It's been so fun since I don't think I have braided my hair since middle school days!

3. A little red popcorn popper!

My sister gave me this microwave popcorn popper this summer. I am enjoying it almost daily!

I love that I just put the kernels in and it doesn't need any oil or butter.

Just plain, air-popped popcorn--yummy and healthy!

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