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Friday Favorites (Episode 2)

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

  1. Fancy Nights & City Lights

Even after I got married, date nights were so important to me. When we had little kids and couldn't afford fancy meals out or babysitting, we would go out on our side porch and pretend to be eating somewhere fancy.

I thought I would get to have those date nights until death parted us, but losing date nights was just another of the many losses of divorce.

God has been so kind to remind me that it is okay to still get dressed up and have special nights out. So, Saturday night my friend Aimee and I went downtown and ate at a fancy place. It was so much fun!

2. The gift of flowers.

A student brought in a beautiful arrangement of flowers this morning for me from her Mom.

I loved the sweetness of receiving an unexpected gift. And, flowers will always be a favorite of mine.

It's been so sweet to be able to look at these all day!

3. Nature Valley Oatmeal and Chocolate Bars Dipped in a cold cup of Milk!

A few months ago I made some drastic changes to my food choices in order to be a more healthy me. That means no more stirring up a batch of brownies or some cookies in the kitchen. No more Cadbury chocolate bars waiting for me in the refrigerator.

My daughter Shaina suggested eating Nature Valley bars when I need a sweet treat. Now I love them so much I have to be careful to not eat too many of them!

Although Shaina loves dipping them in a cup of hot tea, I think perfection is dipping them in a cold cup of milk!

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