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Friday Favorites (Episode 3)

  1. Cozy Corner

I love this quiet corner in my room. I've enjoyed collecting these crosses the last few years. Some crosses ICS students have made at Good Friday services. Some represent places I have travelled to. And, some are gifts from friends and family.

All of them remind me of the gift of grace. I love having this space that is peaceful and refreshing to me.

2. Friday Night Lights

For the past seventeen years, Friday nights for me have meant time with teens. The goal is to come together in order to remind each other of God's love. Many times, after a long week, I'm tired and don't feel up to hosting an evening with teens. However, I never leave without having been glad to be there. Last night was no exception.

3. Chocolate Milk on my Balcony

These last few months, I've made quite a few changes to my routines in a quest to be healthier. I used to come home on Friday nights and eat whatever kind of snack (often chips, salsa, sour cream & cheese) and sweet drink (usually one of my faves like Manao Soda, Oishi Green Tea with Lemon & Honey or Coca Cola!) I wanted. I have chosen to change this end-of-the-week rhythm.

I still feel like a celebration is in order after making it through the week, but my new tradition is drinking a chocolate milk (I even "fancy it up!") on my balcony. A special sweet treat after a long week!

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