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Friday Favorites (episode 4)

  1. Vanilla-scented candles!

Sometimes a simple thing happens in a home that becomes an "inside joke" story for the rest of time.

Years ago, one of my kids was playing around with a large vanilla candle in my bedroom as we were all gathered to watch a video. I looked up and saw my candle being tossed around and I said, "Be careful. That's my favorite thing!"

My kids thought it was hysterical.

"Your favorite thing is a candle?"

"Really? Out of all the things in the world, this candle is your favorite?"

"What about us, Mom? Thanks a lot."

We still laugh about it.

And, I still love vanilla candles!

2. Worship with my coworkers.

I love that, as a staff at my school, we worship together weekly. I love it even more when we have time for an extended worship time on days like today (Family Fun Day.)

And one reason it is so sweet to me is that I get to worship alongside others from "every nation and tongue."

3. Sweet Memories in my Apartment

Since I live across the world from a lot of my family and travel is expensive, the fact that my children gathered here this summer was so unbelievably special.

My son and his wife took those long flights with a two-year-old and an almost one-year-old. I loved having them here and I miss them daily.

But their visit lingers in my mind.

Every time I see this little toddler "motorcycle" or other toys and books, I remember little pudgy hands and feet, shy smiles and lots of giggles. I'm so grateful for the memories that now live here with me!

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