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Friday Favorites (Episode 5)

  1. Hosting in my home!

I love it when I can have people over to my apartment and we can enjoy dinner around the table. But, when school is in session, my life is pretty fast-paced and I don't get to host as often as I would like. So, it was a treat this week to have four sweet friends over for an evening of laughter, feasting, and sharing our hearts and lives together.

In life, relationships can be what hurt us the most. But, they can also be what helps us to heal. I loved everything about hosting this group--from sparkling headbands to authentic conversations.

2. Hydrangeas!

I was so delighted to find hydrangeas when I was out shopping last weekend. Even though they were expensive, I made a quick decision that having them would be worth the splurge. And, I was right!

These flowers have brought joy to my heart and to others all week long. Hydrangeas bring back many sweet memories for me. And, I love the colors and the delicate blossoms!

I love how God speaks through His creation and how something as simple as a vase of flowers can bring joy, beauty and encouragement into my home.

3. Puzzles!

I've always enjoyed putting puzzles together. I have fond memories of working on puzzles at my Grandmother Jackson's house.

I loved working on them with my own family, especially during the holidays.

A few years ago when my world shattered, nothing seemed to make sense anymore. I couldn't fit the pieces of my life together. I think it was during that time that puzzles became some-what addictive for me. It became important to be able to put something together. Even making sense of something as insignificant as a puzzle seemed to add some stability to my life.

And, working on puzzles while listening to podcasts is definitely still a favorite thing!

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