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Friday Favorites (Episode 7)

My favorites today are from my last three weeks, since I'm behind on posting. Life got pretty intense as I led a group of 250 people on a retreat and then finished up a long stretch at school. After that, I took a flight out of town for a few days to retreat and rest in the mountains.

Clear Skies (after a lot of rain!)

After a couple of months of a ton of rain and flooding, it was such a relief when the weather changed a couple of weeks ago. Temperatures cooled down some, the heavy rains stopped and everything looked so clean and crisp from my balcony.

The stress of trying to figure out how to get around in the floods had started to feel like a heavy weight everyday. Starting my day with riding my own bike to work (without getting my feet wet) rather than waiting for a taxi or trying to get a ride from friends feels so much more freeing and enjoyable!

Creating Spaces to Connect with God

There are a lot of things that I love about my job, but I think one of the very top ones is the opportunity to create time and space for students to connect with God.

The theme for the latest Eagles Camp was "Cut the Act. The reflection time included 4 stations, 230+ masks and time to think, pray and share.

Mae Sa Valley Garden Resort

There was a time in the last few years where my former husband and I were taking frequent trips to Chiang Mai for counseling. It seemed like every session left me with new realities to grapple with, deep hurts and more to work on.

I kept trying different places to stay that would bring healing and peace to my battered heart. Once I found Mae Sa Valley Garden resort, I knew I had found my place.

The views, flowers, bubbling creek, and the peacefulness of the resort ministered to my heart. It had been two years since the last time I was here and it was wonderful to be back!

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